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Monday, October 15, 2018
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DIY Mitigation Kits





Canada Radon Inc. has developed a comprehensive instruction manual that provides homeowners with the knowledge required to install their own sub slab mitigation system. The manual provides a step by step illustrated guide that takes you through the entire process with ease.

Have additional questions during the installation? We offer phone and email support too!!

Radon mitigation projects will vary, but typically involve sealing floor cracks and sump pits, and installing the sub-slab or crawl space depressurization system.

The mitigation kits contain custom professional grade equipment that we use on all of our projects, along with a detailed manual explaining the process and advising on the additional required materials and tool selections, safety, venting requirements.

Mitigation Kits are usually shipped with-in 24 hrs through Purolator ground.                                                         

(most kits arrive with-in 5 business days)


The mitigation system (including the sump pit seal if required), when installed as per our instruction manual, will not just reduce your radon levels below 200 Bg/m3 (the Health Canada guideline) but will easily drop your levels below 100 Bq/m3 (the World Health Organization guideline). If your post mitigation results do not reflect this, Canada Radon will work with you to correct the issue at no additional charge.


sump pit sealSUMP PIT SEAL

This sump seal kit will work for all sump pits that have a maximum lid size of 24"x24". Please note that you will need to use a submersible sump pump in order to seal the lid properly.

(sump seal kit includes:)

  • 24”x24” lexan lid (unbreakable, and can be cut to size)
  • high water alarm (to notify you if the water level rises too high)
  • dranjer drain (allows water to drain into sump but restricts  soil gases form entering the basement area)                      
  • foam seal (to seal to lid to the base or concrete)
  • labels
  • rubber seals (to seal sump discharge and cord at lid)
  • carbon monoxide detector
  • comprehensive instruction manual

$650.00 (includes all taxes and shipping)

photo: (typical sump seal, with dranjer drain, high water alarm, and lid that has been cut round)


mitigation pumpMITIGATION KIT  (for all soil types)

This sub-slab mitigation kit will work in all soil types. Please note that this kit is intended for residential use only and for typical foundations. (Typical foundations have poured concrete or concrete block walls with poured concrete floors)

(mitigation kit includes:)

  • 1 tube of polyurethane sealant (for floor cracks)
  • Professional grade GP series radon fan with cord
  • manometer (visual guide to ensure system is functioning properly)
  • carbon monoxide detector                                                                                      
  • hydraulic cement and disposable gloves (to seal pipe at floor)
  • exterior vent with screen (to prevent rodent entry)
  • 2- rubber Fernco connectors (for fan vibration and accessibility)
  • labels
  • comprehensive instruction manual

$1280.00 (includes all taxes and shipping)

photo: (typical mitigation fan with black fernco fittings and manometer)



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